With over 25 years in the fashion industry, Fashion Estb. provides the co-ordination of national sales and brands, through long established business networks. We offer a wide range of commercial and unique fashion brands across many different markets.

Our extensive showrooms are conveniently located in East PerthWestern Australia with easy access and parking. This means that we are able to present brand concepts to retailers in a perfect location, all housed within our 17 showrooms, specifically designed to maximise product merchandising.

At Fashion Estb. we provide business mentoring for new suppliers and clients, and we have a comprehensive in-house client database. 

Fashion Estb. director, Ebony Brandis-Vegar has more than 25 years’ experience in the fashion industry including manufacturing, retail and wholesale. Her dynamic team of brand managers offer a total approach to brand management through presentation, placement in the market, and sales growthresulting in greater market share. 

We pride ourselves on an enthusiastic, friendly, and knowledgeable sales team able who work on a diverse range of fashion brands and allied products. Keeping current with global sales trends and analysing the market for sales opportunities, through social media and store visits, is paramount. 

Accurate and efficient delivery systems guarantee on time service to our clients. Our distribution team ensures a complete sales and delivery process to our client base. And most importantly have the ability to handle all international import and exports to countries in the region, through our superior logistics network.

Our business model provides guaranteed supplier payments and our administration team ensure our accounts and debt collection is highly efficient and managed on time, for total client peace of mind.

Fashion Estb. is known for exceptionally high levels of customer service, with all client and supplier queries handled quickly to achieve the best possible outcomes for both parties.

Fashion Industry - Fashion Establishment - Provides the co-ordination of national sales & brands, through long established business networks.